This video is the first of three big videos (standard mentality plan, dugout mentality plan, and expert mentality plan) which are going to give players a professional approach to having a plan when up to bat. Most players and coaches will understand this video by having been through some of it but for some beginners or non baseball players I am going to write out the basic outline of how this works.

First you must understand what “being ahead in the count” and “being down in the count” mean for a hitter. Basics are 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1 mean “ahead”in the count, 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, mean “down” in the count.
So in this drill players either pitch to each other via Live, Batting Practice, or Front Toss. Each hitter will get three consecutive at bats where they will start with an 0-0 count. The pitchers job is to throw strikes by any pitch they choose. The hitters job is to look for “what they think they are going to get” and not “what they want to hit”. This plan is now implemented into the drill. Most pitchers will use a fastball to get ahead in the count first pitch and most of those fastballs will be middle away on the plate. So as a hitter we are taught to look for a fastball over the plate middle in all the way to the outside of the plate and try and drive a ball up the middle – away. So a great example of succeeding and failing would be a hitter swings at a fastball outside gets a hit, grounds out, pops up, or rolls over it doesn’t matter the players tried hitting what they were looking for and in the standard mentality plan the idea is kids are being discipline with a plan and it’s as simple as that. If the batter swings at a fastball inside corner or any off speed whether he gets a hit or not it’s considered a fail. We are going to be “Selective Aggressive” for anything we think we are getting when the count is “ahead” for hitters. We are going to “Open up the zone” when the count is “down” for the hitter meaning we are going to sit on fastballs and keep enough balance to drive off speed pitches. This level of baseball is dominated by fastballs and we are not going to be beat via the fastball.
Expert mentality plan and dugout mentality plan will cover a way more in depth plan that involves paying attention in the dugout and understanding situational hitting. Stay tuned