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13 Dec 2013

Alex Hussey analysis

Alex Hussey needs to have hands lower when swinging so there isn’t such a drastic hand drop to start his swing….

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22 Jan 2014

Alex Hussey Analysis 2

Alex Hussey is working on keeping hands down through the baseball all the way through swing. His swing and hand path have made the difference in this video there is a big change in his finish.

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22 Dec 2013

Alex Hussey

Alex is working on having more balanced load and getting hands lower when his foot lands. He is also working on taking his hands straight to baseball. He does a much better job with everything and comes up through contact which is not that bad just not perfect. Two hands STRAIGHT THROUGH the TOP HALF of the baseball…

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07 Jan 2014

Alex Hussey Swings

Alex is doing a much better job taking his hands straight to the baseball and getting rid of the loop in the beginning of his swing. He needs to continue staying down through the baseball….

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11 Jan 2014

Triple Box Jump

This is called the triple box jump drill. It works explosiveness, athleticism, and cardio. Great for helping kids with jumping higher and running faster the more they do it.

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06 Feb 2014

Perfect Game Toss

This is full instructions on how to play the now famous game using front toss called perfect game. Remember you can use this as a fun way to create some competition between baseball players while causing them to understand hitting on a professional level and working towards more quality approaches.

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06 Jan 2014

5 Tool Trainer Sample Video

…This is a sample video of some players doing some of the training program….

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06 Feb 2014

Forearm Circuit Workout

This will be one great option for some forearm strengthening and endurance. Bigger stronger forearms and hand strength means faster bat speed which means balls hit further.

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18 Nov 2013

Front Toss Standard

…This video shows hitters a professional way to use the front toss drill. It also goes through the progression most professionals use. Aspiring professionals Front toss standard from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo….

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