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13 Dec 2013

Lucas Chapman analysis

Lucas Chapman has the best mechanics for his age naturally. In this video he is going to see he needs to get better extension through the baseball and have a balance in his lower half. He will be a top hitter in Seattle area if he doesn’t put all his effort into pitching….

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22 Jan 2014

Lucas Chapman Analysis 2

Lucas Chapman has been working on his balance through his swing. He does a much better job keeping his body in better balance through most of his swings. Now he just needs to understand outside pitches will be that much harder to stay back on in exchange for more time to hit middle and inside pitches as well as seeing the ball better due to his head staying in place and not shifting towards the baseball during his swing.

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19 Feb 2014

Lucas Chapman Analysis

Lucas Chapman is working on getting wider and using his lower half and hips better which is resulting in a longer finish and more bat speed.

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20 Dec 2013

Lucas Chapman analysis

Lucas wasn’t feeling well today but still managed to come in and power through it. Very good mechanics just been fixing little things. He starts open and stays open with front side. Hand path is phenomenal and will be used down the road to show other kids what it should look like to take your TWO HANDS STRAIGHT THROUGH the TOP HALF of the baseball….

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07 Jan 2014

Lucas Chapman Swings

Lucas has excellent mechanics and just needs to keep his weight more centered in between his feet throughout his entire swing. He gets a little on his front….

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11 Jan 2014

Triple Box Jump

This is called the triple box jump drill. It works explosiveness, athleticism, and cardio. Great for helping kids with jumping higher and running faster the more they do it.

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06 Jan 2014

Side Toss Plus

…This is a better version of side toss that should be done at the end of workouts never during. This drill if done right should be a better functioning version of side toss that won’t damage mechanics while still getting players hands, forearms, and overall swing stronger over time….

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07 Feb 2014


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12 Dec 2013

Video Archives

…ensen 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo. Scott Schaffer 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo. Logan Sewell 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo. Alex Hussey 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo. Jace Marquardt 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo. Kyle Umperovitch 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo. Geoff Rogers 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo. Lucas Chapman 2013 from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo….

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