06 Feb 2014

Perfect Game Toss

This is full instructions on how to play the now famous game using front toss called perfect game. Remember you can use this as a fun way to create some competition between baseball players while causing them to understand hitting on a professional level and working towards more quality approaches.

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11 Jan 2014

Triple Box Jump

This is called the triple box jump drill. It works explosiveness, athleticism, and cardio. Great for helping kids with jumping higher and running faster the more they do it.

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18 Nov 2013

Two Ball Agility drill

Two Ball Agility Drill which is great for teaching players footwork, balance, hand eye coordination, and work ethic. Aspiring professional players

Two ball agility drill from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo.

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18 Nov 2013

Athletic Box Jumps

Athletic Box Jumps is a video that shows players the footwork to be more athletic as well as how to get more explosive. Aspiring professional athletes

Athletic box jumps from Andre Marshall Jr. on Vimeo.

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