Hi guys, it’s Andre Marshall with 5 Tool Trainer, I’m here to tell you a little about myself.

I’ll start by saying that this is going to be long, but I’m doing it so you will have a better understanding of why my clients see results and why I am so passionate about what I do.

Starting from the beginning, I didn’t start playing baseball until I was 10 years old and I never took lessons, ever. In high school, I hit only .240 and my senior year, I was still strictly a right handed hitter. I was fast, I could throw hard, and I was athletic, so the summer after high school, I figured it wouldn’t hurt for me to try switch hitting, especially after a disappointing senior year.

I ended up getting some offers from community colleges, mostly because of my athleticism, so I decided to continue to play baseball. I thought that at minimum, I would start seeing some decent coaching and I would improve on my skill. Looking back, it just makes me realize what I don’t like about instruction and the way that some people teach hitting.

I was being told every drill in the book and I had a new stance every single week. I continued to hit poorly and my bad habits were very much still there (I hit only .227, .226, .222 all three years in college). I was drafted my freshman year, based on my potential, but I turned it down to stay in school. I ended up transferring to University of Washington my junior year, but still struggled with my hitting. I played a little defensively in tight games at UW and I was noticed in a tournament in Phoenix. I was drafted again, yet again based on my potential, and this time I signed with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Even though the coaching got better, I was still left frustrated and confused mechanically and mentally. I was trying everything I could and putting my work in, but I was being instructed by ten different people at a time, and every one had a different philosophy. What I was hearing seemed to be in different languages and as a young player, it just made things worse.

It wasn’t until I was released my third season, after a weird year long injury, and terrible hitting seasons, that I started to do things for myself. I was unable to play for the next two years and when I finally saw the Mariners team doctor, my back problem was fixed. I then started giving lessons, just to get by, and unfortunately, I found myself just regurgitating everything that I had been told, by the many great instructors (no sarcasm) that had taught me. I’m thankful for everyone that tried.

I did a lot of drills and used my Phillies resume to get players to want lessons from me and it was working OK. But, for those who know me, know when it comes to something I care about, I’m all out. So, without anyone there to help me (i.e. instructors, coaches) I took baseball into my own hands.

I started looking at swings of professionals. I became obsessed looking at photos and videos of swings and then analyzing them. This is when I started to piece things together and began developing my own philosophy. For the first time, I truly began to understand the mechanics, so I decided I needed to give baseball another run.

So after two years of giving lessons and analyzing tons of pictures and videos, I started changing what I was doing as I started seeing a pattern in all the great hitters. I was forcing myself to do the same things that they were doing mechanically. I was no longer OK with being a little off, and I was no longer telling myself that there were multiple ways to hit. I bought in.

I played a little semi pro ball and I instantly saw that things were paying off. Soon enough I was back in the minor leagues, but this time I was doing things much different. I was hitting baseballs according to pitch locations and most important of all, I was hitting balls a hundred feet further (no lie), which means way more home runs, triples, doubles, and RBIs. I went from being the worst hitter on all my teams to being the best hitter on all my teams.

Over the next four seasons I found success and I finally saw the potential that I was told was always there. Most importantly, I learned to play baseball the way it was meant to be played. Now, at the age of 30, I knew that I could be a minor league all-timer or move on and grow in other ways. I now teach, and I believe that everything I went through is why my approach is so unique.

By playing baseball for so long, I got to play with a lot of great players and I learned from the best. I know that what I teach is right and how and why it works. I know it works because everything I teach is backed up through video evidence, by seeing my client’s performance increase, and by looking back to what I did to change my own success and improve my skill.

Every great big leaguer looks the same when their foot lands, every one looks the same when they start their swing, every one looks the same at contact, and every player looks the same when they finish through the ball. It’s what I forced myself to change and it works.

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